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We’re here to help you Stand Out from the Crowd & Win New Customers

Stand Out from the Crowd & Win New Customers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that growing a sustainable business requires having a reliable marketing strategy to deliver a steady stream of new customers.

Before the internet, this was simple for travel agents. High street shops put you in pole position as the gatekeeper to the majority of our travel bookings. But that has changed. Since the world moved online, marketing has become more sophisticated and more competitive right across the board. Your customers no longer need to shop local and are bombarded by different options just by looking at their mobile phone.

If you’re an independent travel agent and feel overwhelmed by the challenges this presents to your future business success, you’re not alone. As travel industry experts, we get it and that’s exactly why we’re here. We have cut through the complexity to create a Travel Marketing System that will work for your independent travel agency and make sure your ideal customers can continue to find you in this online world.

A Marketing Strategy That Works

The marketing strategies that actually work for small to medium sized businesses like yours are completely different to the ones employed by ‘big business’. But how often are we tempted to mimic our larger competitors in the assumption that what works for them will work for us? If you’ve ever attempted to play the SEO game in order to appear on page 1 of the natural listings on Google or dabbled in Google or Facebook ads you will have learnt the hard way that it doesn’t work quite like that (check your ROI if you don’t believe me!).

There are two reasons why:

#1: Large businesses have very different, more complex marketing goals than you. (Yours is simply to make more profit!)
#2: They have much bigger budgets than you

Our bespoke software makes sure you are only investing in the marketing that really works for your business. We provide everything you need to attract new leads and nurture them into happy, lifetime customers.

Nothing more. Nothing Less.

Our no frills solutions are the only marketing software designed specifically for independent travel agents like yours. They are:

  • Simple, quick and intuitive to use
  • Tailor made for your budget and time constraints
  • Supported by our friendly team of experts that completely understand your business needs.
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Your marketing system hub

In today's online world, even as a specialist travel expert selling in person, your website is your shop window, it's where you can easily showcase how you can make a difference and provide expert advice.

All your marketing systems lead back to your website, whether that's an email, social post or advert in a local magazine, you'll want to provide extra resources / details online.

We provide easy, ‘drag & drop' style website management that even the ‘least techie' client can use. 

Hotel & Tour Feeds

Whether you sell a niched holiday type (e.g. honeymoons) or sell to a local area as a specialist out of a high street shop, you'll need to keep users engaged with content to inspire them, and build trust that you can help them find their perfect holiday. This is a crucial stage in the marketing funnel, without content, how can users be sure you can fulfil their requirements?

Our direct integrations with Specialist Tour Operators enable you to showcase tours from the likes of G Adventures / Exodus / Explore to Luxury Retreats from If Only, Abercrombie and Kent and others.

Cruise Feeds

For Cruise Specialists, our Global Cruise Engine with over 30,000 cruise itineraries from all the major cruise lines and prices updated every day offers you the opportunity to compete in this  high commission market.


Tour Operator Offers and Promotions – streamed to your site. Login to your Agent Panel and use our social media / offline and email marketing tools to market these to your followers / subscribers / clients.

We've automated the work of promoting offers across multiple channels, saving you time and money, enabling you to concentrate on the new leads that come through.


Social Proof – one of the cornerstones to getting new customers to make contact. Our Reviews system amalgamates Google, Facebook and Direct testimonials into your website & enables you to build your social proof 

Manage your leads/clients - anywhere

Whether you are a homeworker or multi branch agency, managing your clients on-the-go from anywhere, with full reporting at manager level to see what enquiries are live and what the value of your current enquiries is, helps you build a better and stronger business.

Manage your strong client relationships in one place, create enquiries, send professional quotes and send emails to clients that make them want to book with you.

Segment your contact list in your CRM to send targeted emails to each segment

Being able to segment your contact and add to email lists within your CRM ensures you never miss a name off your email marketing list.

It also enables you to send automated emails that might include informing your new contact of your Privacy Policy and option to opt out of mailings, as required for GDPR compliance.

Create professional quotes with ease

Create professional, mobile ready quotes in minutes & email these to your clients to ensure you don't miss a sale.









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