The Travel Marketing System

Regardless of the size of your business, marketing is key to your success. In fact it is the master skill of business.

Allan Dib puts it in a nutshell when he describes marketing as:

‘The strategy you use to get your ideal target audience to know you, like you and trust you enough to become a customer.’

Winning new customers is the lifeblood of your business. There are all sorts of marketing tactics you can deploy in an attempt to do this – SEO, email marketing, Facebook ads etc etc. But unless these actions form part of a considered marketing strategy they simply become random acts. With no synergy between sporadic attempts, these efforts can’t deliver the growth results you are looking for. You may even be thinking ‘marketing doesn’t work in my business’.

But this is a false conclusion. Marketing absolutely does work – as long as it is the right marketing for your business and you have a marketing system in place to maintain the momentum.

What is the right marketing for your Travel Business?

Marketing today is increasingly complicated and with so many channels available it gets confusing. The temptation is to flit between them all, trying to work out what sticks. But the time and costs involved and lack of results from this ‘hit and miss’ strategy are bound to make you feel fed up.

That’s why we have designed a simple Travel Marketing System that works for independent travel businesses like yours.The TMS consists of two parts

  1. Your marketing strategy roadmap – the 5 essential steps to guide your target customer along the journey from prospect through to raving fan.
  2. Unique Automation Marketing Software: now you can implement a cohesive marketing strategy that works. Covering each step of the TMS Road map, this easy to use technology will help you transition from business owner to successful marketer, save you time and make you money.
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Step 1 Attract

The Attract phase is the very first step of the marketing system. 

All businesses looking to grow need to have a process for attracting new prospects. Typically this will involve both offline and online marketing channels. 

By offline channels we mean your shop front, running an event, advertising in a local magazine or a direct mail campaign. 

Online (or digital) channels include email marketing, social media posts, adverts via Google or Facebook and blogging.

Whichever channels you employ, the jewel in your online crown is your website. It is the beating heart of any marketing plan because all channels inevitably lead to your website to enable prospects to verify your business. This is the place most will come to get to know you better before indicating an interest in your business so it is crucial to get it right. People are online and they expect good businesses to have a good online presence. If your website isn’t up to the job you could be losing valuable business and wasting your marketing budget.

Our customer focussed website designs and content feeds are designed specifically for travel selling businesses to ensure you build trust and attract more leads via user friendly sign ups, contact forms, customer reviews and an online appointment scheduler.

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Step 2 Capture

Capture potential clients details (email) so you can Nurture them and get them to like your business.

Having got your processes in place to attract new leads, the next step of the marketing system is to capture their contact details in a database. Some of these leads will come via your website in the form of sign ups to your marketing list, accessing a lead magnet download, using the online appointment scheduler or completing a booking enquiry form. Others may come in the form of enquiries and bookings made in person or via email.

These leads have all taken an action to indicate their interest in your business. However, they are not necessarily in the position to make an immediate purchase from you. Therefore you need to make sure you can follow up and keep in touch with these interested leads in order to nurture them into future or repeat happy clients.

To keep track of all your enquiries, build customer profiles, manage sales and automate follow-ups you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. Our bespoke CRM is designed specifically for travel selling businesses. This means it is empowered to drive your business growth quicker than any other CRM on the market.

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  • TMS 'Capture' Tools

Step 3 Nurture

Nurture leads with inspiring content / expertise delivered through your website content and email marketing / social marketing. Use Testimonials to get them to trust your expertise.

Nurturing your leads is the process of taking people from being interested in you (as shown by them requesting a quote or signing up to your email marketing list) to wanting to do business with you when they are ready to make a purchase. You also need to continue to nurture your previous customers in the same way to ensure repeat bookings.

The nurturing process is all about deepening relationships and getting your leads to like you so that in time they will want to buy from you. You need to engage your audience by providing relevant information and answers to keep them inspired and motivated on their journey from lead to customer.

This is particularly important as a travel selling business. Holidays are typically a less frequent but highly significant investment for customers, both in terms of sales value and on an emotional level so you will need to manage the relationship over a longer length of time between purchases.

The most successful solution to nurturing your database is email marketing. It consistently outperforms all other channels in terms of ROI and is all the more powerful because you are a small specialist brand that customers will love to hear from. It is also the one digital channel that you are in full control of without being at the mercy of third party algorithms.

The Travel Marketing System’s email solutions are designed specifically for your business, saving you valuable time and helping you get it right.

  • Email marketing system
  • Automated Emails
  • Email Content
  • Social Media
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Step 4 Convert

Take your potential client, create an amazing professional quote to clearly demonstrate that you are the person they should buy from, and convert the sale.

You have worked hard to present your business in a way that conveys trust and confidence.

  1. Your website is professional and up to date.
  2. You are capturing and efficiently managing all your leads using a CRM.
  3. You are delighting your contacts with your expertise via regular, inspiring emails and relevant social media posts.
  4. All the hard work has paid off and you are rewarded with a booking enquiry from one of your contacts. The moment of truth has arrived! You now need to pull out all the stops to convert the enquiry into a sale.

It doesn’t matter which channel the enquiry has arrived by, or its value.

You still need to respond in exactly the same way, every time. A professional quote or proposal will instantly generate the trust and credibility your potential customer is looking for, removing the roadblocks that can prevent people from buying from you.

TripQuote, The Travel Marketing System’s bespoke quotation software makes sure you and your team get your proposal right every time, smoothing the process from enquiry to booking and boosting your conversion rates.

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  • TMS 'Convert' Tools

Step 5 Retain

Instil loyalty and trust, gain testimonials and re-engage/nurture them to spread the word.

Every successful business is built on repeat bookings. Having invested heavily (whether in time, money or both) to secure a booking, the retain phase is all about delivering exceptional service and an exceptional experience to ensure that the customer has no hesitation in coming back to you next time they need a holiday.

And it doesn’t stop there. It continues with collecting reviews and addressing any complaints, then continuing the nurturing process that will lead the customer through to making that next booking. By definition, this is an ongoing process not a one off action. The Retain Phase starts right from the moment the booking is made. Every point of contact from now on is your opportunity to delight.

As a small business with limited resources, it can be a tricky task to manage and easy to drop a few balls along the way. Our Travel Marketing System software is designed to make sure you never drop another ball, connecting together to provide the all in one solution to digitally transforming your travel selling business.

Improve your customer communications, boost your service levels, power up your marketing processes and automate tasks to smooth the whole customer journey from lead to repeat customer.

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