From Mexico on the US border to Tierra del Fuego & Cape Horn Latin America encompasses so many holiday highlights and adventures. Natural wonders such as the Amazon, Galapagos Islands and Patagonia are complemented by cultural highlights such as the Inca and Mayan remains, modern hubs like Rio de Janeiro and the indigenous peoples. It is without fail vibrant, exciting and diverse.


With the Andes, Cuzco, Machu Pichu, the Amazon, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, condors and a cuisine that is being talked of as one of the most exciting around, Peru has so much to offer. The Andes also offer very fine walks, including the iconic Inca Trail, and the spiritual heart of the Incan nation – the Sacred Valley. It is possible to include most of the highlights in a two week trip.


A nature lover’s paradise, you can follow in Darwin’s footsteps and explore the Galapagos Islands by water or on land.


For the best wildlife head to the Pantanal region and take time to enjoy the beaches on the 3000 km of coast.


One of the most geographically distinct countries in the world Chile stretches over 2,600 miles North-South and yet averages only about 110 miles East-West


Small and safe Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise. Beaches on Caribbean and Pacific coasts contrast with volcanoes and rainforests with an incredible bio-diversity. 


Visits to the Amazon can be made in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or Bolivia. You can choose to be river based, with an increasing number of options to suit all budgets, or use a lodge to explore by foot and boat. The scale is immense and while it is not always the easiest place to see wildlife, the tropical atmosphere inside the rainforest is unique and plants, ecosystems plus the local communities will be brought to life by your guides.


With is heart in the high Altiplano of the Andes, the ubiquitous presence of the indigenous communities is one the main reasons that makes this such a wonderful destination. Lake Titicaca , La Paz and the salt flats of Uyuni are real highlights.


With a rich pre-Colombian history, as shown by the fine Mayan remain, and beautiful colonial towns Mexico can also boast the gorgeous beaches of the Yucatan and Pacific coasts. Renowned for its great cuisine and fun loving, lively culture you can also get away from it all on the Baja peninsula, famous for whale-watching.


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