Save yourself a LOT of time with our :

Festive Marketing Pack
for Travel Agents

Containing all the high quality, engaging content you need to delight your database and win new clients this Christmas.

The fun, easy and affordable way to
‘Give a little love' to your Clients this Christmas

If you’ve seen the John Lewis Christmas ad you may be feeling inspired and looking for the best way to show your valuable customers how much you care.

Christmas is a perfect time to get in touch and send seasonal greetings to your customer database via email marketing. The important thing is getting the messaging just right and never more so than after the year we’ve just had!

To save you valuable time, we have created the perfect, cost effective solution that will delight your customers, build your expert status and ensure everyone has you top of mind when the time is right for them to book their next holiday:

The Virtual Travel Experience e-Gift Including a detailed, fun-filled festive itinerary plus lots of ‘At Home’ travel experiences to enable readers to create and enjoy their own virtual trip without leaving home.

What better way to ‘give a little love’ and show your customers how much you appreciate their loyalty? It's more fun, engaging, affordable and sustainable than the traditional business Christmas Card and will be more appreciated too.

Our multi-use, special edition marketing pack comes complete with:

All you have to do is:

These detailed itineraries include:

Our Marketing packs provide all the content you need to put your festive marketing plan into action. 

On Payment you'll be sent an email with the link to your chosen itinerary e-book and a library of marketing assets for you to download. Each marketing pack includes:

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