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A Time for some Spring Cleaning

What a difference a month makes I spoke to one of our clients this week and I thought he summed up where we are with Covid 19 In December 2020 we could hear clients talking about wanting to book holidays In January 2021 – we can see them at the door …hopefully by March 2021


2021 Travel Marketing Plan

Why Plan? Very few small travel businesses sit down at the beginning of the year to plan out their email marketing. There are loads of excuses…usually along the lines of ‘no time’ and ‘no resource’ or ‘don’t know how to’. The truth is, if you don’t plan, you won’t be consistent in your email marketing.

Welcome 2021

Hurray – it’s 2021 , and yes, despite the recent lockdown (let’s face it, we all knew it was coming) I’m really looking forward to 2021. Why? For one – It is not going to be as bad as 2020! We all hope the vaccine will return us to normal, but the reality is that

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